Chad stands at 160cm/5 feet 3 inches, and has an athletic look.

Chad comes across as a fit type, with a full build.
Chad is well suited to many different outfits.

His body has a chiseled-from-wood figure, and looks impressive. 
Chad is a 100% solid TPE sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

Chad has the 160cm body with head #78

Full Height with Head: 160cm - 5 Feet 3 inches
Weight: 32kg - 70.5lbs

Chest: 78cm - 30.7 inches
Waist: 66cm - 26 inches
Hips: 80cm - 31.5 inches

Penis Length : 17cm - 6.7 inches, 20cm - 7.9 inches
Anal Depth : 15cm - 5.9 inches
Mouth Depth : 12cm - 4.7 inches 

Interactive areas: O/A - Oral, and Anal capacity.

Skin Colour

The Skin colour of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

  • White - Pale
  • Natural
  • Light Tan
  • Tan
  • Cocoa*
  • Black - Dark*

Sporty girls are more likely to have a tanned, outdoors look to their skin, so The-Doll-House would advise a Light Tan to Tan skin colour for a sporty look, depending upon how dark you like it.

Cocoa Skin for a Indian sub-continent look. *PLEASE NOTE: Darker skin colour results in a weaker TPE that is more prone to splitting/breaking!

Pink, or Natural skin will have a colour that lends itself well to rouge/bronzer and other cosmetics, so is capable of many looks.

White skin is very pale, and good for a very Caucasian or a very pale Japanese look. Only light cosmetics should be used, unless a Gothic/Punk style is to be employed.

Black skin is very dark, for a particularly Afro-Caribbean (African/West Indian) look, which goes very well with Brown eyes for an authentic look, and Green eyes for an unusually pretty look. Different cosmetics will be required for Black skin as opposed to the other three colours of skin.
*PLEASE NOTE: Darker skin colour results in a weaker TPE that is more prone to splitting/breaking!

Eye Colour

The eyes are essentially in the shape of a hollow hemisphere, and are placed into the hollow of the eye socket.

The hollow of the eyeball itself, is filled with synthetic/wool padding, to provide pressure and traction, and keep the eye(s) in position, so the eyes can be moved easily within the eye socket/head of the doll.

Doll Eyes

There are 17 eye types for most dolls (and one for head #302):

  1. Yellow Eyes
  2. Green Eyes
  3. Light Brown eyes
  4. Dark Brown eyes
  5. Grey Eyes
  6. Silver Cat eyes
  7. Light Blue eyes
  8. Dark Blue eyes
  9. Silver eyes
  10. Brown Anime eyes
  11. Purple Anime eyes
  12. Blue Anime eyes
  13. Green Anime eyes
  14. Purple eyes
  15. Red eyes
  16. Aquamarine eyes
  17. Olive Green eyes
  18. Salamander eyes


There are two options for the Mouth of your Doll:

  • Standard - this is a standard textured oral cavity
  • Enhanced  - this has an attached tongue that can move back and forth, and a physical uvula at the rear of the mouth, where the throat would begin.


Your Doll will have the foot options:

  • Standard Feet - will not bear the weight of the doll
  • Stand-Up Feet - will bear the weight of the doll (+£40)



Your Doll will have two basic fingernail types*:

  • Clear French Manicure
  • Pink French Manicure

The colour of the nail actually refers to the area of the nail that is connected to the skin/quick.

* Custom fingernails are possible. Please contact us so we may know your requirements.



There are thirteen options regarding Toenails:

  1. Black Toenails
  2. Pearl Pink Toenails
  3. Bright Pink Toenails
  4. Light Pink Toenails
  5. Dark Pink Toenails
  6. Light Red Toenails
  7. Green Toenails
  8. White Toenails
  9. Yellow Toenails
  10. Dark Red Toenails
  11. Natural Toenails
  12. Gold Toenails
  13. Silver Toenails

Pubic Hair


There are four options for the Pubic region (Pubis) of your doll:

  • No Pubic Hair
  • Strip (+£30)
  • Trimmed (+£30)
  • Natural (+£30)
Should you need any customisations regarding pubic hair, then please contact us for your requirements.

Pubic Hair Colour


There are two options for the colour of the pubic hair of your doll:

  • Black
  • Brown

Penis Length

There are two lengths for the penis of your Doll:

  • 17cm - 6.7 inches
  • 20cm - 7.9 inches

Areola Size

There are three options for the Areolas on a doll:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large
Areolas shown are Dark Tan.

Areola colour

Areolas can be in 4 colours:

  • None - Same colour as the skin
  • Natural
  • Pink
  • Tan
  • Dark Tan

Doll Storage

A flight case (135cm-150cm £200 GBP, 151cm-160cm £250, 161cm-170cm+ £350) is a good lockable option for storing your doll in a very discreet manner.

Also, it does give greater security in transit for your doll from the factory, or after she has discovered her new home.

Delivery Times for Love dolls/Sex Dolls

Delivery times can vary depending upon the complexity of the order and number of dolls ordered.

The typical times from order to construction can be up to 7-days.
Once the order has commenced production can take 7-14 days. 

If the Doll specification is very typical, there is the possibility that the factory may hold that model in 'floating' stock.
This would reduce the production time to 1-3 days. This is of course, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Upon completion the delivery time is typically 7-14 days.WM-Dolls use high quality simulation software in order to produce the life-like body/face models using the latest environmentally safe material (TPE ThermoPlastic Elastomers.) WM-Dolls adopt an advanced unique production process, that enables the feel of smooth and delicate skin, with more elasticity than flesh, and yet, a very human skin feel and realistic visual appeal.

All materials involved in the process were compliant with National Health & Safety Standard which is harmless to human health and is environmental friendly.
Due to these reasons, the production phase can take some time.

So Customers are respectfully requested to expect a delivery time of 14-31 days from Order to Delivery for their Doll(s).

Vital Statistics
Type TPE
Head Head #78
Body WM 160cm
Height 160cm 5ft 3 inches
Weight 32kg - 70.5lbs
Chest/Band 78cm - 30.7 inches
Waist 66cm - 26 inches
Hips 80cm - 31.5 inches
Other Measurements
Shoulder Width 40cm - 15.7 inches
Arm Length
Leg Length 80cm - 31.5 inches
Upper Arm Girth
Wrist Girth 13cm - 5.1 inches
Thigh Girth 46cm - 18.1 inches
Calf Girth
Ankle Girth
Foot Length 21cm - 8.3 inches
Interactive Areas
Anal Depth 15cm - 5.9 inches
Oral Depth 12cm - 4.7 inches

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160cm Chad

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